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Introducing Blingalytics! An open source business intelligence platform in Python


By Chris Testa (@crstesa) and Jeff Schenck (@jeffschenck)

Big news!

Today, we’re thrilled to release Adly Blingalytics as open-source software.  As mentioned at SemTech2011 in San Francisco, this is the code that powers Adly’s real-time business intelligence reporting.

Simply put, Blingalytics is the first and only open source business intelligence platform in Python.

Built for Business Users

Developed to the exacting specifications of business users here at Adly, Blingalytics is our core infrastructure. In the big picture, it enables us to monitor how many influencer tweets are going out and how much money we are bringing in every day, to manage cash flow for the business.

Functionally, it enables us to do both formal and ad-hoc reporting, to monitor everything from celebrity influence and advertising campaign performance, to the efficiency of our operations groups.

As our CEO Arnie says, “Every business collects data. It’s being able to effectively process, analyze and leverage that data that makes a difference in your results.”


Benefits / Use Cases

Blingalytics is an easy way to connect to a data source, define reports, define views into those reports, and then output the data to your presentation layer (dashboards, etc.).

We’re releasing it as open source software because we are confident it can offer similar value to you, helping you do:

  1. Social Analytics: Track social engagement metrics and KPIs achieved on 3rd party platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. in real time, to provide meaningful performance analytics.
  2. Reporting: Create custom reports that make it easy to conduct the analysis you need to convert data into meaningful Business Intelligence.
  3. Billing / Finance Integration: Integrate operational analytics with 3rd party financial software for billing, revenue reporting and more.

Available today

The Blingalytics Python package makes it easy to slice and dice your business KPIs, whether you’re looking at retweets, click-through rates, net revenue, or how many virtual tractors you’ve sold to your Farmville ranchers.

Blingalytics takes care of the gritty details of optimally crunching the numbers, so that you can jump straight to defining your view into your business stats and performance analytics.

Why Open Source?

Everything we do here at Adly is built on open-source tools, and releasing Blingalytics comes out of our commitment to the open-source community.

Other open source projects and contribution by Adly developers include:

Questions / Feedback?

We look forward to hearing about your projects and are happy to help brainstorm on how Blingalytics can help.

On Twitter: @blingalytics

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