adly is a team of founders for founders.

We acquire, partner, and work with SaaS, Tech, Content, Startups, and Small Businesses in the internet, software, and consumer industries.


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With our immense growth and product background, our mission is to acquire companies with untapped potential that we can scale using paid media, SEO, development, and product expertise. We’ve built a team and network of experts that we leverage to take adly portfolio companies to new heights.


With 10+ years building and managing software teams, our thesis and expertise revolves around diverse SaaS businesses ranging from $500K in revenue to over $100MM.


We incubate and scale sites with quality content, consistently high organic traffic, and untapped monetization potential. Our SEO and product experts will take these sites to the next level.


With executive experience at Guthy Renker and other recurring revenue focused companies, we have the tools to scale subscription businesses, improve retention, and mitigate risk.



Shawn Sheikh

Managing Partner

Shawn is a Silicon Valley & Beach serial entrepreneur and Y Combinator alumni. His specialty is helping companies scale from $0 to multi-millions in revenue, through both conventional paid acquisition and non-conventional growth hacks. After exiting his most recent business, Solve (YC S17), Shawn spent time mentoring and advising companies at several of LA’s top venture capital firms, while incubating a number of SaaS and eCommerce brands. He also spent time at Guthy Renker, a multi-billion dollar direct marketing firm (best known for brands such as Proactiv, Meaningful Beauty, IT Cosmetics and Perricone MD). Apart from Pivot CMO, Shawn loves to work with founders to find creative ways to scale their businesses.

Fred Chiang

Managing Partner
Fred has a track record of helping Silicon Valley companies achieve incredible scale through holistic growth and product strategies. With a background in leading both performance marketing and development teams, Fred has scaled startups from $0 in revenue to Series F and $7B+ in valuation. Fred is hyper-focused on data-driven decision making and leads all growth and products efforts across the portfolio. Through his work, Adly is able to deliver unparalleled scale to its portfolio companies. Apart from this, Fred has built and sold a number of Ecommerce and SaaS businesses over his career including a men’s fashion wear company, a real estate marketing business, and a digital fitness business. Fred is also an Angel investor and advisor to a number of startups in LA and SF.