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Highest ROI Performance Marketing

Your elite digital marketing agency. We make channels like Google, Facebook/Instagram, SEO, and TikTok soar.

Data Driven Performance Marketing

By analyzing social interaction data we intelligently pair brands with correct audiences to create highly-targeted and highly engaged digital ad campaigns at scale.

Real Time Analysis and Insights

Our experience and activating over 850 ad and brand campaigns will not only provide a clear picture of your campaign performance, but also inform future campaigns to ensure continued success and maximize social ROI.

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About Adly

Adly is a digital marketing provider. We work with brands to help their revenue soar through digital ads and SEO.

Our tools and services include best in class ways to use data-driven audience targeting, along with best in class attribution that result in direct sales.

Why Adly

Over $2B in Trackable Sales


of Adly clients 2x sales within their first year


average ROAS across all clients


in organic traffic within first 6 months

Our Services

Facebook / Instagram Ads

Rapid, granular audience and creative testing to scale Facebook sales

Google Ads

Focus on high intent traffic through Search, Shopping, and Display. Conquer search impression share with high conversion rates


With over 15 years of SEO experience, we’ll help you conquer organic, evergreen / forever free traffic

Tiktok Ads

As agency number 3 on TikTok Ads, our strategies will help you become one of the first, largest brands in your category on TikTok

Pinterest Ads

Perfect for female skewed products and a great way to diversify away from Facebook/Instagram

Case Studies


47,188 applications generated. Reduced cost per application by 68% within 2 months. Acquisition channel led to 12+ new markets launching.


4.2X ROAS on $150k+ in spend. Increased sales volume by 15,327% within 3 months. Achieved 7 figure annual run rate within 2 months.

Girlfriend Collective

2x sales in the first 8 months of working together. 3x Google spend with no impact to efficiency.

Adly for Brands and Agencies

Reach more of your target audience by partnering with the right influencers and celebrities to cut through the noise and drive social engagement.

Adly for Brands and Agencies

Monetize your social media influence by sharing content from the brands you love with your audience. Connect with us now to get started.



Discover which celebrities will help position your brand to successfully hit on all campaign objectives. Then learn how to prospect, retarget, and conquest with our Q-score.

Campaign Builder

Simplify social, at scale. Execute your influencer-driven social campaigns in one unified approach: Target, execute, measure; then rinse and repeat for consistent results.

Real-Time Reporting​

Closely monitor campaign performance and engagement in real-time. Our reporting tools help ensure that your content reaches its target as well as uncovers actionable insights for future campaigns.​


Campaign Strategy​

Our experience and expertise enables us to develop a unique, data-driven approach to each campaign. We offer intelligent audience matching, creative planning, and reliable campaign execution.​

Performance Insights​

Take the guess work out of your influencer marketing and social selling with our unique combination of technology and expert analysts. By leveraging what we’ve learned from the past, we uncover valuable insights to focus future campaigns.

Our Clients

We create and amply social ads and SEO at scale, reaching millions of potential customers across all social platforms