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The Top Google Ad Agency In the Game

Our elite Google ads team will make sure you dominate high intent search for keywords and traffic that’s relevant to your business, products, services, and even your GEO.

With Google being the place for high intent search and demand fulfillment, we have noticed high scale and growth being generated on this platform now more than ever. With over 15 years of optimizing and scaling ads on the Google platform, we have been able to tap into competitive keyword searches and have increased ROI across the board. By leveraging Google Search and Shopping, now more than ever, we have even been able to see a higher return than any other platform.

We have taken our B2B, B2C and D2C clients to the next level in scale on Google.

Conversions increased by 139%

Conversions increased by 139%

Conversions increased by 139%

With Google Search and Shopping can we increase your ROI and set you up for success and scale.

Since becoming a Google Premier Partner, we know what it takes to manage profitable ad campaigns on the platform. We have managed Fortune 500 companies, venture backed startups, small businesses and corporate companies. It takes experience to implement strategies for high performing pay per click (PPC) campaigns that not only drive results, but an increase in your customer database. We’ll take your pre-existing data and implement new testing strategies. We move quickly and we get things done.

  1. Audit of the Ad Account– It doesn’t matter if you already have an ad account or not, we will either look at the pre existing account data or put together a go to market strategy to get you started.
  2. Competitor Analysis– With our in-house suite of tools we can accurately report on your competitors keywords along with the ones you are bidding on to see what they are going after and what we should be going after.
  3. Keyword Research and Discoveries– Adly’s Google lead will organize an extensive keyword research in order to provide your ad account with the most accurate and relevant head, mid, and long tail search terms and apply these to our strategy moving forward
  4. Tracking Set-up – Our Google team will confirm or update your tracking is properly linked to your site, app and/or store. This way we can ensure conversion goals are set up for success
  5. Organize and Build Ad Campaigns– Once our discovery and research phase has been completed we will put together our strategy and build it out into the ad account. Here is where we confirm conversion metrics are linked and keywords are built out.
  6. Campaign Launch Time – It’s time to go live in the ad account with our new strategies and various a/b tests.
  7. Continued Testing – With the new data coming through we will be able to update our strategies moving forward and accordingly so we can test and learn efficiently and profitably.
  8. Strategy Iterations– As we see our strategies start to unfold we will modify and update bid modifiers and bids in order to get the best value from past and present data
  9. Attribution Confirmation– We’ll make sure attribution is matching the data that is coming through and the right conversions and firing properly.
  10. Measuring Scale – We will work to gather more insights so we can scale the ad account successfully. We will look to up spend when something is working and wont skip a beat to miss out on this opportunity.
  11. Test, Iterate, Scale, Repeat– Testing and scaling will be our main priority as we accumulate data every day. We will look for nuggets of opportunity to ensure we’re doing all that we can to grow and scale the ad account.

Adly’s Google Strategies

Ensure search ads are optimized for more keyword coverage and quality

Focus on exact phrase matching in order to mine for keywords and higher efficiency

Testing and iterating off of ad headlines and descriptions to reach highest click through rate

Focus on optimizing bid modifiers for device, location, and time of day

Allowing Google’s algorithm sms to bid on ROAS and CPA

Identify keyword categories by segmenting different ad groups and matching specific ads to
specific search terms.

Structure out smart shopping ad sets (for our Ecommerce clients) to achieve increased keyword distribution and efficiency

Here at Adly we are always at the forefront when it comes to marketing trends and platform updates in this ever changing market. Our team playbook is constantly being updated with the most up to date strategies and capabilities. We also add in learnings from our weekly team brainstorm meetings to the playbook. We work with a group of Google account representatives and speak to them frequently to make sure we never miss a beat when it comes changes being made on the platform

The Google Ads Checklist

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The Google Ad Agency That Stays One Step Ahead

Whether you’re new to the Google Ads space or your current ad account needs an audit we’re here to help. The word “no” or “can’t do” isn’t in our vocabulary. Nothing is ever recreated here and will continue to push forward until we get you to where you need to be. We are forward thinkers who don’t give up. Our team will make sure we have done everything in our power to get the job done. Nothing is too big or too small for us! It is our main priority to provide you with growth and value.

Frequent Account Optimizations

Moving and grooving is our middle name and we wont stop no matter what. The adly team is constantly checking in on the account to make sure we aren’t missing any marks or opportunities. Whether we’re a/b testing and implementing new strategies or optimizing current campaigns, we’re staying ahead of the curve to set ourselves up for success. Since you’re only paying per click, more optimization means more efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We move pretty quickly here at Pivot with a lead time to launch ads between 5-7 business days post kick-off call.

When it comes to seeing ROI and results our timeline stands anywhere between the 6 and 8 week mark of managing your ad account.

Here at Pivot we monitor daily and test as often as our data supports. When it comes to updating ads it depends on our goal and data.  As we identify opportunities in ad relevance and expected CTR, we’ll test into new ad copy and different angles. We focus on data driven decisions, so our budget and conversion volume will play a role in the frequency of ad rotations. This is something that we will discuss on our weekly sync calls as each week will be different. All in all, we gotcha.

Fees depend on our monthly ad spend budget. Sign up here to get your free quote!

This depends on our budget and conversion volume. We start with responsive search and expanded text ads to cover both Search categories. We then identify a baseline CTR and quality score and from there we will optimize frolling in new content and launching experiments.

If you’re not currently spending or spending under $5,000/mo, we recommend starting with $3,000-$5,000/mo test budget. At that spend level we’ll be able to build out our campaign structure without spreading our budget too thin. We’ll also be able to collect a reasonable amount of conversion events (depending on your product/service) to make data-driven optimizations and establish a baseline within the first 6-8 weeks. If you’re spending above $5,000/mo, we’ll start there and optimize the account structure first. After that  we will focus on scaling so there’s no disruption to traffic and performance.