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The Top Google Ad Agency In the Game

Our elite Google ads team will make sure you dominate high intent search for keywords and traffic that’s relevant to your business, products, services, and even your GEO.

Google is a platform focused on high intent search and demand fulfillment. It’s core focuses on competitively optimizing searches against other brands in your space. Given our experience in Google advertising, with over 15 years of scaling ad accounts, we’re confident that we can help you scale and grow your ROI through Google search and shopping advertising.

We have crushed it for our clients in the B2B, B2C and D2C space. With over 500 clients being managed at the agency we know the ins and outs. Don’t take our word for it.

Conversions increased by 139%

Conversions increased by 139%

Conversions increased by 139%

Through Search Advertising We can grow your ROI and Return on Ad Spend

As a Google Premier Partner, we understand how to optimize your ads efficiently and profitability. With experience working with Fortune 500 companies, venture backed startups, small businesses and corporate companies we know what it takes to implement high performing pay per click (PPC) campaigns that drive results not empty promises. We’ll take your existing demographic, data analytics and audiences to best curate your search strategy. The way we do things is straightforward, simple and more important effective:

  1. Google Ad Account Audit– Whether you have an existing ad account or havent started one at all, we’ll go through pre-existing data to see what gaps we can fill or we will ideate a ready to launch strategy to get you up and running effectively.
  2. Market Analysis with your Competitors– With our suite of tools we will be able to accurately report and see to keywords your competitors are bidding on and what niches they’re going after
  3. Keyword Search – Our elite Google ads team will orchestrate an extensive, detailed and aggressive keyword search to find the most accurate and relevant head, mid, and long tail search terms to use moving forward
  4. Confirm Tracking Connection– We will ensure that tracking is correctly set up on your site, app and/or store. We will make sure conversion goals are firing properly.
  5. Set up Google Ad Campaigns– Once all of our research and due diligence is done, we will confirm conversion metrics are set up, implement new keywords and build out new ads.
  6. Launch Campaigns– It’s time! We will launch our curated Google ads strategy!
  7. Learn and Continued Testing– Now that we have new data, we will monitor the ad account and begin various different a/b tests.
  8. Update and Iterate Data Focused Strategy– With data coming in every day, we will use this to optimize our search terms and ads and we will update bid modifiers and bids, in order to get the best value from past and present data
  9. Confirm Attribution is Delivering– We’ll make sure Google’s metrics is matching up and firing correctly
  10. Scale – Now that the data is flowing we will be able to gather more insights in order to scale spend on high ROI campaigns.
  11. Refresh, test and repeat– We will continue to consistently test and scale your campaigns in order to achieve the highest ROI.

A Few of Our Strategies

Search ads that are responsive for more keyword coverage and quality

In order to mine for keywords and catagorize them for higher efficiency we focus on exact phrase matching

Consistent testing of ad headlines and descriptions to get higher click through rates

Optimize bid modifiers for device, location, device and time of day in order to reach full optimization

Bidding on ROAS and CPA by Google’s algorithms in order to scale and grow

Segment different ad groups to identify keyword categories and therefore match specific ads to specific search terms.

Organize smart shopping ad sets (for our Ecommerce clients) for an increased keyword distribution and efficiency

Our skilled strategists stays on top of all marketing trends consisting of top Google ads and search marketing publications in order to stay ahead of the curve in this ever changing market. Our team playbook is consistently updated every week after we have our weekly team brainstorm meeting. We also connect with a number of Google account representatives and we meet with them on a regular basis where we go over platform and marketing updates.

The Google Ads Checklist

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The Google Ad Agency That Doesn’t Quit

No matter what stage you are at, or if you have worked with an agency before, we can promise you we are not like the rest. We wont stop when we can’t crack the code and we wont get lazy when the account starts scaling. It’s not a set it and forget it mentality over here. No matter what, our team will create new bidding strategies and methods even when your ads are profitable and scaling. We have a can-do attitude and nothing is too big or too small for us! Whether it’s landing page optimization or testing new copy to grow our quality score, we are dedicated to not only keeping your ad account profitable but truly taking it to the next level.

Daily Ad Account Optimizations

Our team is always on the move. Every day we’re checking on the account and making sure we never miss a beat. Whether that’s implementing new strategies, optimizing current and past campaigns or even implementing an entirely new strategy, we’re always one step ahead. We make it our priority to get the highest ROI possible out of your campaigns. Since you’re only paying per click, more optimization means more efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We move pretty quickly here at Pivot with a lead time to launch ads between 5-7 business days post kick-off call.

When it comes to seeing ROI and results our timeline stands anywhere between the 6 and 8 week mark of managing your ad account.

Here at Pivot we monitor daily and test as often as our data supports. When it comes to updating ads it depends on our goal and data.  As we identify opportunities in ad relevance and expected CTR, we’ll test into new ad copy and different angles. We focus on data driven decisions, so our budget and conversion volume will play a role in the frequency of ad rotations. This is something that we will discuss on our weekly sync calls as each week will be different. All in all, we gotcha.

Fees depend on our monthly ad spend budget. Sign up here to get your free quote!

This depends on our budget and conversion volume. We start with responsive search and expanded text ads to cover both Search categories. We then identify a baseline CTR and quality score and from there we will optimize frolling in new content and launching experiments.

If you’re not currently spending or spending under $5,000/mo, we recommend starting with $3,000-$5,000/mo test budget. At that spend level we’ll be able to build out our campaign structure without spreading our budget too thin. We’ll also be able to collect a reasonable amount of conversion events (depending on your product/service) to make data-driven optimizations and establish a baseline within the first 6-8 weeks. If you’re spending above $5,000/mo, we’ll start there and optimize the account structure first. After that  we will focus on scaling so there’s no disruption to traffic and performance.