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It’s lights, camera, interaction with Debů,the new way to share, present, stream livevideo, and showcase your products using thesocial amplification of social engagement.

We allow brands and influencers to share content and host direct conversations that build relationships and drive sales.

Debů – The New Social Webinar

Broadcast rich-media, presentations, G+ Hangouts, and much more alongside real-time chats:
  • Take control of your conversations with helpful moderation tools
  • Use on-screen media and prompts to keep your audience on-topic
  • Drive web traffic and sales directly from your Nest

Grow Your Audience, Build Relationships, Generate Sales

Get more value out of your social engagements:
  • Organize your brand’s social interactions into conversations
  • Reach new prospects with the reach of earned media
  • Host real-time and ongoing discussions all in one place

Team Moderation

Get everyone involved with easy team moderation:
  • Add your team members as moderators in your Nest
  • Allow others to manage conversation topics
  • Highlight special guests and subject matter expertse

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