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Connect with consumers efficiently, effectively and at scale

With an ability to reach millions of potential consumers, the Adly network drives the content that provokes consumer conversations while forming stronger, more meaningful connections between brands and consumers.

Network of Thousands of Influencers

Adly ensures that the network includes influencers that consistently deliver efficient effective scalable results for Brands.

Proprietary Matching Program

Adly matches influencers with your brand based on your target audience and campaign objectives.

Custom Scalable Campaigns

Adly offers brands a full range of social advertising solutions that are customized to achieve campaign objectives.

Results-Driven Copy

High-performing copy is created to inspire engagement while staying authentic to the influencer voice.


Adly provides key metric data on each campaign reflecting overall success of the campaign.

Adly Is The Market Leader

Since 2009, Adly has executed more than 30,000 endorsements with hundreds of major advertisers, including Sony, Microsoft, AT&T, Toyota, American Airlines, Old Navy, Best Buy and more.  Adly endorsements have proven to be a very effective way for brands to advertise in social media.

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