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Mobile Marketer: – The potential for brands in pairing mobile with celebrity endorsements is not only significant – think Samsung’s win with Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscars’ selfie – but also increasingly important as brands’ organic reach on social continues to nose-dive.

AP: – Adly CEO Walter Delph’s advice to Olympians: “Grab the followers, grab the volume now because that is the best opportunity.”

Social Media Monthly: – A Social Report Card on Celebrities in Super Bowl Ads By Walter Delph

Mobile Marketer: – While brands such as Mars and Procter & Gamble nailed creating mobile-specific social content in real-time during Sunday’s Super Bowl game, incorporating the medium into the $4 million TV ad continued to be a massive missed opportunity.

Supply Chain Brain: – Call it the Holiday Retailing Death Match: Team Black Friday versus Team Cyber Monday. Brick-and-mortar versus e-commerce sales. Physical stores pitted against the power of the internet.

C-Suite Quarterly: – Adly CEO Walter Delph describes how a little star power goes a long way in today’s connected social media.

Mobile Commerce Daily: – Retailers will utilize trending tweets and hashtags such as #blackfriday #cybermonday #deals and #earlybirdspecials to incorporate in their social media posts to reach a broader engaged audience beyond their followers,” said Walter Delph, CEO of Adly, Los Angeles.

Bloomberg: – Adly CEO Walter Delph discusses strategies Brands should be employing in social media during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Reuters: – Exploring the role of social media in the wake of Black Friday.

CMSWIRE: – Social media and mobile applications reportedly have an outsize influence on shopping behavior — Marrying online and offline experiences maybe the key, according to reports from Adly and Cisco.

CBS Local: – As stores plan to open their doors for the busiest shopping day of the year, a number of companies are hoping to get a jump on the competition through social media.

Women 2.0: – Adly CFO/COO Ronette Kite says to listen to what other working moms are doing, but at the end of the day, do what works for you.

Financial Times: – From paying for products with a tweet to marketing goods to celebrity couples’ Twitter conversations, other companies are exploring ways to make money on the messaging platform

FOXBUSINESS.COM: – Gabrielle Karol speaks to Adly CEO, Walter Delph about the power of celebrity hyper-engagement in social media and leveraging it promote brands.

FORBES.COM: – Adly provides audience insights of Cristiano Ronaldo and Floyd Mayweather in social media and identifies which brands, verticals with which their fans are most aligned.

BLOOMBERG.COM: (VIDEO) – Walter Delph, CEO at examines the trend of tech companies relying on celebrities to build their brand and connect with consumers. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

VENTUREBEAT.COM: Social advertising company Adly raised $2 million in additional funding from GRP Partners and Siemer Ventures. Read more at 

BULLDOGREPORTER.COM: Adly (, a social advertising platform that leverages the most influential people in social media, has raised $2 million in additional funding from GRP Partners and Siemer Ventures.

SOCALTECH.COM: Los Angeles-based social, celebrity advertising startup Adly confirmed the company’s recent $2M funding round today, officially announcing the funding from GRP Partners and Siemer Ventures.

TECHCRUNCH.COM: Adly announces its latest round of funding and debuts its tool for connecting brands and audiences via celebrities.

SOCALTECH.COM: SOCALTECH catches up with CEO Walter Delph to hear how the promise of social media advertising has measured up to reality, and what that means for brands and marketers today trying to leverage the new reality of social conversations.

FORBES.COM: Walter Delph explains how Adly helps brands reach their target audience, utilizing proprietary data and recommendation algorithm.

LATIMES.COM: Westwood-based Adly, a marketing platform that connects brands with celebrities on social media, is holding a contest during South by Southwest for start-ups that want a little boost from a big name.

PANDODAILY.COM: Utilizing the power of celebrity and social media, Adly hopes to create buzz around one lucky startup to break through all the noise of SXSW.

NYTIMES.COM: Brookes Barnes reveals Adly’s role in helping to to draw attention to “Girl Rising”, one of the hottest “cause” documentaries in years.

During the Holiday Season Three Tips for Making Social Media Influence Marketing More Effective

PANDODAILY.COM: So what is the next scalable, inefficient customer acquisition channel? It’s being fed by celebrities and their newfound ability to connect with their fans via social media.

MASHABLE.COM: Adam Ostrow highlights the role of the celebrity investment and integration as a key driver of growth and revenue.

WSJ.COM: Adly Inc., an online marketing start-up that connects brands with influential celebrities, snagged former News Corp. executive Walter Delph to become its new chief executive.

SEMANTICWEB.COM: Chris Testa, Director of Engineering at, Inc. shares his recommended 5-Step process for Linked Data Integration.

SEMANTICWEB.COM: Chris Testa explained at SemTech this week, a top celebrity can get some 15,000 clicks on a tweet, vs. about 400 on average for a top 3 newspaper tweet.

WARC: Twitter, the microblogging platform, is extending its online reach through a new “Follow” button which can be added to other websites.

The Guardian: Krista Thomas of says the leader of the free world enjoying your product is a “priceless” boost – the perfect spark to be fanned by the likes of Twitter.

B2C: pays the star jocks on a sliding scale based on performance by their stable of their famous tweeters.